Everything we do starts with growing a plant and our team of dedicated growers strives to provide our customers with the cleanest, highest quality cannabis around. We do this by employing hard working, dedicated individuals with a passion for the plant. We take no shortcuts in producing clean, safe, sustainable cannabis for consumers. In our dispensaries, we have a strict quality standard and the grow team looks to set that bar high. Our facilities are always safe, efficient, and pest free. We are proud to say we have never failed a test with the state licensed testing laboratories.

Any seasoned grower will tell you that great cannabis starts with strong, proven genetics. Our genetic stable is some of the best in the country. We have spent many years curating these great genetics that emphasize quality while still offering a wide range of flavors, strains and potencies. By coupling this with our organic growing methods, we achieve high terpene and high cannabinoid flowers every time. 

We have multiple growing environments, each with their own advantages. We have state of the art indoor grows with the best LED lighting and environmental controls making for some very happy plants. We also utilize light deprivation greenhouse growing which uses the power of the sun to maximize our growth potential. A lot of time these greenhouse plants end up being utilized in our award winning extracts/concentrates. With the interior light deprivation system we can manipulate the growing cycle and utilize the greenhouse year round. We are confident you will be sure to love some Frosteez sun grown, organic cannabis products!

Organically Grown

Using organic soil allows us to grow top-shelf cannabis with hard to beat flavor profiles.

Frosteez Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Quality In, Quality Out

Keeping a rotating line of genetics through our garden is very important to us.  Always on the lookout for new techniques, we pride ourselves on moving on the forefront of the industry when it comes to cultivation practices.

Staying Frosty

Our advanced growth methods and various environments allow us to cultivate and retain high numbers of trichomes on flower, this of course coupled with a respect in the preservation of the quality genetics we carry, results in a visible “frost” on many of our buds. Stop in today to see for yourself!