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Frosteez Cannabis Dispensary Billings, Lockwood, Missoula MT

Hemp Fest 2023 Montana’s
Best Dispensary

Whether you are looking for relaxation, relief, or recreation, we have the right product for you.

Best Weed Dispensary Billings, Lockwood, Missoula MT
Best Cannabis Dispensary Billings, Lockwood, Missoula MT

Frosteez Cannabis Dispensary Billings, MT
5055 Jellison Rd. Bldg. 3
Billings, MT 59101

Frosteez Cannabis Dispensary Lockwood, MT
3205 N. Frontage Rd.
Lockwood, MT 59101

Frosteez Cannabis Dispensary Missoula, MT
1275 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802

With cannabis,
there is no
One Size Fits All

Cannabis has been a life-changing development for so many people all around the globe, but even just right here in our local community. We have been here since the medical days to serve Montanans, and the opportunities that voters gave us with the passing of recreational initiatives allow us to serve even more.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, friendly, and carrying some of the largest ranges of products and potencies.

Whether you’re looking for the characteristic healing relief cannabis can provide, or the recreational chill from “the old days”, we’ve got you covered!”

Locally grown, Montana owned and advancing the future of craft cannabis by elevating its role in enhancing and improving people’s lives

Buds + Pre Roll

Premium cannabis for the classic stoner who is looking for some true green. Growing a wide variety of genetics, we have a rotating collection of flowers, sure to hit your fancy in terms of testing, smell, effects, and more!

We offer our buds in a wide selection of pre-rolled options as well, never trim.


From our state of the art lab comes artisan dab. Our processing methods are unique, industry-forward, and plant conscious.

We understand our role in the preservation of the beautiful plant we work with, so we only use the utmost respect to get the best product every time. Quality in, Quality out.

Cartridges + Vapes

Discreet, Sleek, and Tasty! Potent cartridges and All-In-One vapes, sure to make your mouth water.

Have a smoke without having to “Air out” afterwards. Available in Distillate, Live Resin, Live Rosin, and Melted Diamond varieties!


Everything edible! Ice cream, gummies, and so much more- all made in-house.

Whether you have a 10mg tap-out or are a top-drawer 100mg monster, we have something made to fit your taste & tolerance. We also have options like infused sugar and salt to make your own meal!


Everyone knows that if you give a stoner weed and nothing to smoke it out of, they will become an engineer… But we won’t make you do that!

Glass pipes, dab tools, papers, and other paraphernalia always on hand, so we really can be the one-stop shop for all your smoking needs. Frosteez swag available in this section too!


Keeping up with the industry’s fast moving trends and developments, we have several items that are new products to the cannabis industry.

In addition, we do seasonal items & deals, so the stock is constantly rotating– Keep checking back for new products!

Edible products for Cannabis lovers

Delectable edibles, made in-house by our dedicated team.  Let us show you the world of cannabis cooking with delicious goodies prepared to perfect taste and dosage.  These edibles are so good, you won’t want just one.

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