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Rolling 30-Day Period For Medical Marijuana Cardholders Explained

Beginning March 1, 2022, monthly purchase limits will be determined based on a rolling 30-day period rather than on a calendar month. This means that monthly purchase limits will not reset to the full amount on the first of the month, but will instead be based on the last 30 days of purchase history.

For example: if a cardholder purchased one ounce of marijuana on March 1, March 5, March 10, March 15, and March 20, they will have reached the monthly purchase limit of five ounces of marijuana. On March 31, rather than resetting the entire monthly purchase limit of five ounces, the cardholder would only be eligible to purchase one ounce. On April 4, they would be eligible to purchase an additional ounce, and again on April 9, and so on.

Please note: this change only concerns monthly purchase limits for medical marijuana sales only. Adults age 21+ who purchase adult use marijuana at the recreational tax rate are not subject to the monthly purchase limits of the medical marijuana program.

The amount a cardholder can purchase in a day is determined by formula, using the following categories:

Amount Certified (AC)

5 ounces (8 ounces with an approved physician’s petition)

Amount Purchased (AP)

Total amount purchased in the last 30 days

Amount Available to Purchase (AA)

The difference between Amount Certified and Amount Purchased

AC – AP = AA

Amount Certified (AC) – Amount Purchased within the last 30 Days (AP) = Amount available to purchase (AA)

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